Heather Larson

Freelance Writer

Heather Larson, a content marketing writer based in Tacoma, Wash. She frequently writes about all topics related to mortgages. Her work has appeared on Bankrate.com, Lending Tree, and Mymortgageinsider.com.

Articles by Heather Larson

A home with a reverse mortgage experiencing a natural disaster
3 Min. Read

Reverse Mortgage After a Natural Disaster: Who Pays?

Having adequate and correct insurance and taking immediate action can help keep costs low after a natural disaster damages or destroys your home.

2 Min. Read

What Is the Full Retirement Age?

Understanding what full retirement age means has important implications for timing retirement.

3 Min. Read

How a HECM Works

A home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), can be a powerful financial tool. Here's an overview of how a HECM works.

couple comparing hecm vs heloc
3 Min. Read


Even though they are both acronyms that start with the letters HE, a HECM and a HELOC are quite different. Here's an explanation of each and how they work.

Couple using reverse mortgage calculator
3 Min. Read

Retirement Calculators for Planning Your Future

Using the retirement calculators and tools listed here will give you a good idea of the money you'll receive when you retire.