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What to Do if You Encounter Age Discrimination

Ageism can be difficult to pinpoint, but you don't have to endure it if it's happening to you. Here's what to look for and what you can do about it.

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Dating After 60: Where to Start and What to Know 

If you're over 60 and find yourself back on the dating scene there are a few changes you might want to know about, starting with online dating. Here's a map to the new world.

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6 Common Sources of Retirement Stress

Though many people equate retirement with relaxation, for others retirement offers new stress. Here's how to combat the things that are stressing you in retirement.

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Is Retirement Bad for Your Health?

Depending on how you approach it, retirement can offer health benefits or the opposite. Finding ways to feel fulfilled can go a long way to giving you a healthy, happy retirement.

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Is “Senior Citizen” an Outdated Term?

Is it time we retire the phrase senior citizen? Most people think so. Here's where the term comes from and why it's fallen out of favor.

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6 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Brain Young 

Keeping your brain agile and young is a worthwhile pursuit that doesn't have to cost a thing. Learn six ways that you can keep your brain fit and have fun doing it.

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How to Start a Club 

A club can be a wonderful way of expanding your social circle and sharing an activity or subject you enjoy. Not finding a group that appeals to you? Start a club!

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Getting Back Into Fitness: Activities for Retirees

Been awhile since you hit the treadmill? Fitness doesn't have to be a grind. Find inspiration and ideas to help you get back into the swing and have fun safely.

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Building Relationships With Your Grandchildren

Grandparents wishing to have strong relationships with their grandchildren need to get involved early and nurture shared interests to build lifelong friendships.

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How to Give Your Life Structure in Retirement

The freedom that comes with retirement can be thrilling, but if you don't take some time to plan what you'll do with your time, it can also be daunting.