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6 Ways to Make Friends in Retirement

Making friends at any age can be hard but well worth the effort. Here are six tips to help you make new friends in retirement.

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The Grandmother-Grandson Adventure Team Blazing New Trails

Grandmother and Grandson, Joy and Brad Ryan, are on a mission to visit all 63 National Parks together. Along the way they've learned a lot about life and each other.

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The Link Between Aging and Gratitude

As people age they naturally feel more grateful, which is great news because cultivating gratitude comes with a host of health and emotional benefits.

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How to Have Difficult Conversations With Aging Parents

With certain conversations it can be difficult to know where to start. Learn how to initiate essential conversations with your parent, when to talk and when to listen.

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Digging into The Stanford Center on Longevity’s Aging Study

The Stanford Center on Longevity's study on the future of aging focuses on policy and societal change, but there are some key takeaways individuals can apply to their own lives.

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Managing the Costs of Healthcare in Retirement

The costs of healthcare in retirement can stress even well funded retirement plans. There are several ways retirees can plan for and defray the costs of long term care.

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A Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance

Purchasing long term care insurance is one way to ensure you'll be able to afford the cost of your health care needs in the future. This is how it works.

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The Cost of Caring for an Aging Parent

The costs of caring for an aging parent can far outstrip the costs of raising children. If you are in the sandwich generation, here's what you should know.

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7 Ways to Find Fulfillment in Retirement

The key to finding fulfillment in is different for everyone. Here are some ideas to get you started finding yours.

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Why Seniors Should Have Friends From Other Generations

Expanding your circle of friends outside of your own generation can offer a surprising number of benefits.