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Inclusive Travel for Seniors: A Path to Adventure Tailored Your Needs

Don't let the physical changes and challenges that come with aging stop you from getting out and having an adventure. A new crop of inclusive travel companies is opening experiences for everyone.

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Benefits of Establishing an Art Practice in Retirement

Interested in painting, pottery, or drawing? The good news is there are multiple benefits to establishing an art practice in retirement.

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Why Diamond Painting Is a Great Hobby for Seniors

Not only is diamond painting a fun way to add some sparkle to your life, it can also offer some excellent mental and physical benefits to senior crafters.

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What to Do When Your Kids Don’t Want Your Heirlooms

Here’s how to prevent or overcome hurt feelings when you discover your kids don’t want your heirlooms.

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Finding Friends to Travel With in Retirement

If you want to travel but don't have someone to go with, finding a friend can be the perfect solution. Here's how to find a travel companion.

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How to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

Whatever "trip of a lifetime" means to you, putting time and effort into planning can make your trip everything you hope it will be.

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Educational Travel Resources for Seniors

Find an educational trip that suits your interests and lifestyle to a tee with our complete list of educational travel resources for seniors.

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2023 Educational Travel for Seniors

Looking for a trip that feeds your mind and soul? Start your search with these educational travel options for seniors in 2023.

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How Seniors Can Become More Tech Savvy  

The world of tech has many solutions for older people. An open mind and a willingess to learn may be all it takes to benefit from the latest technology.

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Why Pickleball Is a Great Sport for Seniors

Chances are someone you know plays pickleball. Interested in giving this popular sport a try? Here are some tips to get you started.